martes, 7 de junio de 2016


"La verdad es como el sol, puedes ocultarla por un tiempo, pero no va a desaparecer."
-Elvis Presley-

viernes, 20 de mayo de 2016

Digital Identity. Investigation

This post is about my searching of what can I find about my classmates.
We, Laura L. and Jirah G. group n#8, have investigated group n#12.

A.Victor A.

I fond out his facebook account, youtube channel, google + accont, his blog[The Big Boss], his picture in the website Saramago Monsters, a comment writing his skype in the website fifayougamers, found his name in several football club websites such as the Rayo majadahonda, and his instagram account.

B.David M.

I found out the untitled prezi in Prezi website, and his blog[Mumed World].

What do others see about you on the internet?

If you type your name with commas, it shows you all the digital date there is about you. In my case, google showed me my twitter, youtube, picsart, musixmatch and google + accounts, it also showed me all the swimmings competitions I have ever been.

What does google know about me?

 If type a series of links, you will see what google knows about you, in my case, google Knows my interests depending on what I search on the interne, It didn't knew my location because I didn't activate the GPS. Moreover google knows my accounts of different websites as well as the devices I have loged in with my google account.
What does google know about me?[links]

Let's Control what google shows about us.

In my case google shows my profile, in which it appears my birthdate and where I have studied. Furthermore you can change the information that google shows on the internet.

martes, 12 de abril de 2016